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The japanese Zorro!

After beeing an alien, after beeing an 300 old vampire, after beeing in malice mizer, after beeing a singer/actor/musician/maid/mow lawer our hero stirke back again with full force! Behold~


THE JAPANESE ZORRO! Yes! Gackto is here to save us all from the blind of beeing so evil to him! He is seeking revenge! He is fighting the noble cause of making girls go totally nuts! Guys wannabe just like him! OMG Gackto, the japanese Zorro is out to save the world! But do not be afraid, vilain friends, we possess Gackto deadly enemy!


With this Gackto shall forget all about his goal and will pass his other 300 next year watching himself in the reflecting glass! (now how did you think he passed all these years without us hearing of him?)

~little note about the poster~ It's my first time in a community so I am not very used to it. XD If this offended anyone, before you start typing a message saying how immature I am, let me tell this: To be so angry at the babble of an immature kid like me prove that you are as immature than me. Thank you and have a nice day~!
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