Sara (whozyadaddy) wrote in antigackt,

Love the music. Not diggin the man who makes it.

Hey all y'all!
I really like Gackt's songs, they're very pretty. But I don't like Gackt's "worship me, I am the flawless music messiah" attitude. And I don't like Gackt's fans' "worship him, he is the flawless music messiah, and those of u that dare to disagree MUST feel our b*tchy fangirl wrath" attitudes. He's a good musician. But he is not God. He has faults. Many of them. I wish that they all could realize that.
Plus, I don't like how he wrote his own movie, and made himself the main character/hero-how uber arrogant is that?? If I made my own movie, I'd play the villain. ^__^
By the way, I joined this community just yesterday, and I think it kicks Gackt's @$$!!
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Ok, SO I agree I was hopelessly inlove with Gackt but then... when I stumbled across this community... My whole world turned upside down!! Nyahaha!!! I supah dupah love his songs too, though somtimes they do freak me out!!! *shrug* Oh what the heck... yeah I so agree with that I'm the God worship and kneel before me kind of attitude... And he's too deaf to even no realize that his character is soo out of norms already (I can't believe this is coming from me... the ever so loyal Gackt fan) But still.. hmm I think judging him too roughly isn't soo nice! -_-''' Wow, I just switched sides again.. Arrgghhh!!! Whateverr.. but FOR THE SAKE OF COMEDY :p^^ he he... I believe this community just ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH...