Sara (whozyadaddy) wrote in antigackt,

Love the music. Not diggin the man who makes it.

Hey all y'all!
I really like Gackt's songs, they're very pretty. But I don't like Gackt's "worship me, I am the flawless music messiah" attitude. And I don't like Gackt's fans' "worship him, he is the flawless music messiah, and those of u that dare to disagree MUST feel our b*tchy fangirl wrath" attitudes. He's a good musician. But he is not God. He has faults. Many of them. I wish that they all could realize that.
Plus, I don't like how he wrote his own movie, and made himself the main character/hero-how uber arrogant is that?? If I made my own movie, I'd play the villain. ^__^
By the way, I joined this community just yesterday, and I think it kicks Gackt's @$$!!
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