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In the happiness of my being pissed off at the damned bastard, I've decided to join this lovely community *grins* Here's a little entry of mine which has the following equation:

Have you ever noticed how Gackt looks a lot like Pikachu?
Or ever noticed how Gackt acts a lot like the irritating freak of anime?



Just picked up the idea from watching Gackt on PopJam last night after playing the end of Final Fantasy X again.

GACKT IS A TICK... He must be eliminated...

I notice that how bad he sings up there, his fans still go swooning over him. It's just like Yevon and his/its worshippers in Spira. They're all worshipping him and follwing his ways... When he's actually this irritating tick that keeps on casting Curaga on himself everytime he's hit. And he possesses Aeons... ahem... other stars, too!! He possessed everyone in GacktJOB and Hyde, too!! Damn bastard...

Gackt sounds like a Backstreet Boys reject. Period.

Now time for a happy Anti-Gackt mission:

Your Anti-Gackt Mission by hibiemi
Favorite Band:
Mission:Attain the holy bondage pants that give Gackt his power
Initial Weapon:A lightsaber
Accompliaces:GLAY? What are they doing here?
Number of Goons killed:8,418
Surprising Thing:You find out that one of your assistants was in love with Gackt
Spoils:The whole J-music world worships you!
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

Hope you enjoy the meme *grins*

Btw, this is why I hate Gackt:
1. He infects everyone's mind.
2. He sounds like a Backstreet Boy reject.
3. He's freaky.
4. All his songs are boring... Well, except Vanilla, of course.
5. Pink bondage pants XD
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