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Hello. I'm not here to yell at you or threaten any of you, just to inform you that you should seriously fix your information. Gackt, while it may seem to people outside of Japan, is not really a j-pop/rock giant. Actually most people in Japan hate him. I should know since my exchange sister is from Japan and we talk about things like this. I dont care that your anti-gackt, go right ahead and be, but you might want to get your information straight before you say anything. :) Goodbye now.
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ah, I didn't know that (not that I wrote anything on the information page:P). But he IS everywhere in Japan, I read articles on the Japanese Flannel, and they just saw him everywhere, on billboards, commercials, etc. So he might be hated, but he is kinda big right?

Putti: aaaah! I envy your cake skills!!!!! I can only make a crooked cookie!!
Well he is on a lot of TV programmes and such, but his music is not that popular. A lot of people think that he is really stuck up and full of himself. Last year we had a Japanese kid come to my Japanese class and I asked him a question about Gackt and he told me that he hated his guts so...yeah lol. I dunno why they have him on TV...I think hes just...yeah.

But maybe he is getting more popular, though, because every new years there is this REALLY famous Japanese programme on TV where TONS and TONS of Japanese singers (the most famous ones) come and sing and this year for the first time he was on it...but I dunno :).
You have a very good point one I have a Japanese friend who loathes him completely and she also loaths Hyde and L'arc also XD
knew there had to be some part of the Japan population that couldn't stand the sight of the dude ^^

its mostly fans outside of Japan that seriously think Japan is just inlove with all the stuff they have that we outside dont. But really if you talk to a few they will tell you what things about their country they don't like.
yes, and I've talked to a few and those few say that they dont like gackt. Sorry.
wow u guys r gay
if he wouldnt b popular he wouldnt BE everywhere
get a life and accept that ur hideous and he's hot
okay, you obviously have never been to Japan, dont know Japanese and therefore cant say anything. Who says I'm not a Gackt fan? If you had gone to my userinfo (a short click away) you might see that he's actually on my list of interests. So fuck you too.

Besides, if someone were to trust a stupid 15 year old girl from Connecticut over a 17 year old Japanese girl who was born and raised in Fukuoka, Japan surrounded by the pop culture and able to sing along with almost every japanese song that you could let her listen to since she knows them all already over a remark about Japanese pop culture then that someone would be a total flaming idiot and I'm sorry that the American population should be subjected to their stupidity. GOD you people make me want to shoot myself for being an American.


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by saying most people hate him is also an assumption since i doubt she went and asked every person if they like Gakuto.
no, just all her friends and all their friends and all their friends friends hate him...im sure that's not a lot. God...I just said he wasnt fucking popular and that people didnt really like him. I never said 'everyone'.


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I know this is butting in but maybe, just maybe, Gackt is really famous in Japan but the majority of people can't stand him. Like the equalivalent of Britney Spears here in America. She's everywhere: TV, radio, magazines, but she's not exactly liked by everyone.

Just a thought. Don't growl at me people. O_o;
LOL EXACTLY! That was KINDA the point i was trying to make, but Gackt supposedly only appears on talk-shows because he's funny ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥. Case and point <3.
The Britney Spears comment is totally true, another example Zhang zi yi, the chica from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, people in the states seem to love her, but you won't get too much good feedback from people on the mainland,(btw from personal experience shes nice but shes a whore.)

sorry for butting in
LOL haha good points, no need to apoligize :)

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Please tell me how I got in this place? My head aches with all the nonsense in here...

and very nice comment. I'm off to bed now (*sigh*)