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Anti Gackt? You Betcha!

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This is an Anti Gackt community. Here is a place for those people who do not like Gackt and are here for a bit of fun. There are, of course, a few rules:

- NO FLAMING. I cannot stress this enough. We respect everybody's opinions here! So, please be open-minded. Not everybody is going to agree with your idea/opinion. We're not here to bash the members or the Gackt lovers.

- NO PORNOGRAPHIC ITEMS. Not everybody here is over 18! I don't feel like my community being reported just because someone decided to have fun with their willy and a scanner. So, if I see anything that is offensive, the entry will be deleted and the member immediately banned. No exceptions.

- NO THREATS. I don't want people joining to tell everybody about their death threat to Gackt or how they plan on hurting/harassing/bothering the man. That person will be automatically banned and reported to livejournal operators.

- ALWAYS REMEMBER, THIS COMMUNITY IS JUST FOR FUN. C'mon. We're not here to make the man miserable. We're here to poke a little fun at this J-Rock giant. This community is here for the soul purpose of just expressing our, uh...dislike for the man's music/lyrics/clothing/whatever. Don't take this seriously. It's a community, for goodness sake's!

- PICTURES, BANNERS, LINKS, STORIES AND ART ARE ALL WELCOME AS LONG AS THEY ABIDE BY THE LIVEJOURNAL RULES AND AREN'T OFFENDING. Please, also remember to put these things behind cuts if they are hideously large and animated. Nothing horribly graphic, please. I don't want to see pictures of Gackt being beheaded or anything like that. That's just disgusting. Save that for your own journal.

The community is welcome to all. So, go, have fun, dislike Gackt.
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